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Many delicious food products are available at MacFarlane Pheasants, but I want to tell you about my favorites. Pheasant Pie, Pheasant Bratwurst, Whole Pheasant with rice, and ground pheasant. I chose these pheasant foods because they are easy to prepare and nutritious. Read More »

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MacFarlane Pheasants Food Product business is unique. We have complete control of our pheasant products from the farm to the consumer. Our pheasants are fed natural grains and grown in the safest and most humane manner. We have our own cutting and packaging facility to assure all of our customers from individuals to restaurants, and other catering professionals receive products with exceptional flavor. Our shipping standards ensure that our products arrive quickly and safely. Read More »

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The White Pheasant Breeding Program is headed up by Research Manager, Kate Rollette. Read More »

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Shayne has worked for MacFarlane Pheasants for 11 years. He was originally hired as an assistant manager in the flight pen operation, but he quickly moved into the management position and stayed for eight years. After that he worked in the hatchery for a season before becoming the manager of the food products building. He told us that he learned his management skills in college, but that his experience and on the job training provided most of the skills he needs to do his job.  Read More »

Our Food Product business is going better than expected. We just were awarded a contract with a large cruise line – thousands and thousands of pounds of product were ordered. Read More »

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