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How We Winterize at Our Milton Farm

On February 14, 2024 in Weather, Winter Preparation by Bill MacFarlane

We are already looking forward to the return of chicks to our MacFarlane Pheasants’ Milton Farm, located in Milton, WI. During the brooding season, we take care of our pheasants in the barns, and as birds move outside, we spend our time caring for them in the pens. Before we know it, our pheasants have all been delivered, and our pens are empty. As the weather gets colder, we still have plenty to do winterizing and preparing for the next season!

We start with the equipment as soon as it begins to get cold:

  • When the sprayer and pressure washer are finished for the season, we drain water out of all of the equipment, and add antifreeze to protect them.
  • The birds are out of the barn by this time of year, so we also drain the water out of the barns and shut off the water going to the barns, to prevent the water parts from freezing and breaking.
  • We also shut off the water lines going to the pens, pull the reducers and fillers off the water lines, and drain the lines. This action prevents the lines from freezing and breaking.
  •  Plassons (the pheasant water sources) are taken down, removed, and cleaned for the next season.
  • All the pens are put on half post until the spring, and water pans are placed in pens so we can get water to birds as needed.
  • We make sure the farm is picked up so nothing gets damaged when snow hits and we have to plow.


We have other chores to finalize preparations for both winter and spring:

  • When all our birds have shipped off the farm, we prepare for the next season by rat baiting pens, mowing any remaining cover in the pens, vacuuming the feeders, and relocating the feed.
  • Removing feeders and other equipment from the pens, pressure washing the equipment, and making repairs are also part of our winterizing chores.
  • We always stage the equipment near the pens when we have finished preparing them for the next season.
  • In the spring, we till the pens and drag the equipment in. Having the equipment nearby makes setting up the pens much more efficient.

During this winter our staff has been working on adding new feed systems to barn 40A and the machine shed in Milton. Barn 40A is getting three Chore-time feed lines for its feed system, and the machine shed is getting a simple drop tube feed system. We hope to have them done before we get chicks in March. The new systems will contribute to our efficiency, because we currently bag feed those rooms.

It’s hard to believe spring is just around the corner. It's a good feeling to know we will be prepared! 

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