The North American Gamebird Association (NAGA) Conference 2024

Published On: February 7, 2024Categories: Avian Flu, NAGA


This year’s NAGA conference was held at the Holiday Inn Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida, January 22-24, 2024. MacFarlane Pheasants’ attendees included Bill MacFarlane, Sarah Pope, Chris Theisen, and Ronnie Viljoen. Bill serves on the NAGA Board of Directors, and Sarah is the NAGA Vice President. The most important parts of this conference were the informative topics led by high-quality speakers, and the opportunity to network with other professional in the gamebird business. There is an annual NAGA conference, and we encourage our colleagues to join the North American Gamebird Association and benefit from these informative seminars.

NAGA explains on their website the importance of membership for gamebird businesses:

Your membership in the North American Gamebird Association helps preserve your rights as a hunting preserve operator or gamebird producer. NAGA maintains a strong voice in government so that you don’t have to do it alone. Stay abreast of the latest research and current events affecting our industry through our bi-monthly publication, NAGA News. Build your business through our member networking services and find new customers and prospects at our annual convention and educational conference.”

The themes covered at this year’s conference were motivated by the needs of people in the game bird business, and each day included topics that included essential information. Here are just a few examples:

Biosecurity Measures When Delivering, Picking Up, & receiving Gamebirds

What to Expect When Having a Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) Event in Your Region

Staying Legal: Complying With Interstate Bird Hauling Regulations

Different Methods for Hauling Adult Gamebirds

Our Depopulation and Disposal Experiences With HPAI

Bridging the Workplace Gap Between Generations

This list of topics is just a sampling of the topics covered, so please email Sarah Pope at if you would like a copy of the complete list of topics and speakers at this year’s event. Lastly, we encourage you to join NAGA by visiting their website. We would love to see you at next year’s convention.

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