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We Protect Our Pheasant Chicks with Grow Gel Before Shipping

On December 6, 2023 in Chick Sales, Chicks by Bill MacFarlane

We use Grow Gel with our newborn chicks at MacFarlane Pheasants because it provides immediate hydration and nutrition. Grow Gel is a powder mixed with water to form a gel-like substance. It has a bright green color that attracts the chicks to the feed source.

This gel mixture perfectly supplements new hatchlings with immature digestive systems. The mixture includes proteins, peptides, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and probiotic bacteria. Our chicks are shipped one day after they hatch, and we want them to be healthy when they arrive at our customers’ addresses. Grow Gel is added to every shipment of chicks to ensure you receive bright-eyed and alert chicks.

Our Customers Protect Chicks with Advance Preparation and Follow-Through

There is a great deal of preparation required before your day-old chicks arrive. We have a  free online pamphlet detailing what is needed to keep your MacFarlane Pheasant chicks healthy and thriving. It tells you how to prepare your brooder facility, set up your heat lights, and many more details that will help your chicks grow to maturity.

The first thing you do when the chicks arrive is to remove them from the box, dip their beaks in water, and put them under the heat lamps. Most losses occur because the chicks do not start eating or drinking or they get too cold. Your chicks must have enough feed and water. They should be checked at night during the first few days to ensure they are not too cold. They will pile up and smother, trying to keep warm, which would be a disaster.

Since you invest money in your chicks, you want the best for them. Protecting your chicks by making sure your brooder barn is sanitary, heated, draft-free, and you have prepared plenty of feed and water for them will give them the healthy start they need.

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