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MacFarlane Pheasants Raises French Red-Legged Partridges

On November 7, 2023 in Flight Birds by Bill MacFarlane

French Red-legged partridges have been a popular choice for game hunters in the UK for many years. We have sold them for approximately 14 years at MacFarlane Pheasants.  Hunting clubs across the United States appreciate having these interesting and high-flying partridges available for release because they add a real challenge to the hunt because of their flight and speed.

We have been hatching the Red-legged partridge eggs, secured from France, since around 2009. To bring the eggs into the United States, we must apply for an import permit with the federal government three weeks before shipment. Upon approval, the eggs go to Chicago, where the U.S. Fish & Wildlife examines the eggs for clearance into the United States.

We sell the French Red-legged partridges only as mature birds because of the work it takes to get the eggs here. We raise about 40,000 Red legs each year, and they are shipped to customers between August and the end of December.  Red-legged partridges dont do well in extreme cold and snow. We have customers who hold them indoors through the cold months and release them for spring hunts.

The partridges we raise are known for their wild and flighty characteristics. They are rotund birds with light brown backs, grey breasts, and buff bellies. Their faces are white with a black patch of color at the throat. They have streaked flanks and red legs and make excellent early-season birds. To get more information about the French Red-Leg, you can contact Sarah at [email protected].

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