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Order MacFarlane Pheasants Brats and Pheasant Pot Pies Soon-Sale Prices

On March 4, 2024 in Food Products by Bill MacFarlane


The end of winter weather has been so warm in Wisconsin that we are ready to start up the grill!  Our pheasant brats are on sale right now at 27% off their original price. You can choose from Classic, Beer Cheddar, or Portobello Mushroom Swiss brats. You should buy one of each because the current price is $5.99 for four mouthwatering brats. These are the best brats you will ever eat; they are juicy, tasty, and full of flavorful pheasant meat. The Classic and Mushroom Swiss are gluten-free!

The other specialty item we currently have on sale is our pheasant pot pie. You can purchase two pies for $19.98. That is 39% off their original price! Our pheasant pie includes:

  • Wild rice
  • A colorful array of veggies
  • Pheasant breast meat in a crust that bakes to a golden finish.

It serves four people and is always a hit!


To order these or other products, please call our office at 608-757-7881 or visit We can either ship them anywhere in the Continental US, or you can pick them up at our curbside pick-up location. While we no longer have a physical store, we still have curbside pick-up. Either way, don’t delay in ordering your delicious pheasant products.


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