Importance of Gamebird Associations
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The Importance of Gamebird Associations

There are a tremendous amount of issues that affect the game bird industry. Included are environmental, animal rights, and political issues. No matter what the issue, they all have the one thing in common: They will inevitably have an impact on the success or failure of the game bird industry as a whole.

One of the best ways to keep yourself abreast of these issues is to become a member of both local and national associations. Local associations will focus on state law and legislation and can be an invaluable resource in your day to day activities. The national association focuses on issues that can affect us across state lines. The majority of these associations employ a lobbyist to keep an eye on the literally thousands of legislative issues that may affect your business. While both state and local associations stand for the same thing, they have different roles. It is important to support both.

As an individual, it is virtually impossible to battle large animal welfare groups like PETA and HSUS. Their numbers and monetary backing is seemingly endless. Remember, there is strength in numbers. The “it doesn’t affect me, so who cares” attitude has no place in this industry. If there is an issue that does not affect you, rest assured, the next one will.

Consider an all out ban on hunting or even gun ownership. Not too likely, or is it? Animal rights groups are NOT going to get this type of ban in one legislative act. They will take small pieces, like trapping and preserve hunting, until eventually, everything is gone.

As a side benefit to joining these associations, you will gain valuable contacts. You will develop a working relationship with many people in the industry. You will find people extremely open, friendly, and willing to share their thoughts and ideas. There are thousands of ideas out there for the taking, and any idea that can make things more efficient and profitable is a huge plus, especially in today’s economy.

As time passes, the importance of joining these associations will increase. More and more issues are affecting the industry each year. It is essential the game bird industry be united. It doesn’t matter if you raise or hunt the birds…it doesn’t matter how may birds you raise or hunt. The issues are the same and the end results will be the same.

Everyone has heard the phrase “the best defensive is sometimes the best offense.” Many times we are relegated to defending ourselves and our livelihood. By increasing the size of these game bird associations, we can begin to anticipate problems before they occur. Or better yet, begin pushing OUR agenda to those in the animal rights community. Even in the face of hard economic times, maintaining and gaining membership is crucial. Don’t get caught on the defensive side of the fight. Join today!

For more information on joining the national association, visit
You can also search the internet to find your local game bird association.

Chris Theisen
MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc.

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