Full Time Employees Earn CDL's
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Full Time Employees Earn CDL's

MacFarlane Pheasants, like most other business has been affected dramatically in the past 18 months by the recession. Macfarlane Pheasants was able to survive the recession with out lay offs, however, production was cut. By not laying off employees, MacFarlane Pheasants was able to weather the storm through synergy.MacFarlane Pheasant Employee

Synergy is a team effort which MacFarlane’s supported by having five existing crew members pursue their CDL license

These five full time employees drew two from maintenance, two from the brooder crew, and one from the breeder crew. All five passed their Class A CDL driving road test and exam with excellence. With this kind of team effort MacFarlane’s was able to avoid possible layoffs.

These five new delivery drivers increased the already existing pool of drivers. However with this new addition, the crew members will not only bring with them a vast knowledge of animal husbandry, but experienced licensed drivers as well. This team effort will make Macfarlane’s stand out above others because it is willing to work together to give the customer the highest quality of satisfaction.


Art Schumacher
MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc.

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