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MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. In Hot Water

After struggling through the 2004 season to keep up with hot water usage, I was determined to find a better system for our egg washing machine than the conventional seventy-five gallon water heater. The biggest problem we faced was the amount of water we needed when in full production. The conventional water heater was not capable of filling the egg washing machine, running an hour, and then refilling the egg wash machine. Also it was difficult to maintain the appropriate water temperature of 110-120 degrees Fahrenheit. This created down time, inefficiency, and was less effectual for controlling bacteria and e-coli.

After researching several options from larger conventional systems, to a boiler and holding tank system, we found an on demand industrial water heater to be the best option. The reasons we went with the on demand system are:

  1. It is capable of supplying continuous 110 degree water
  2. It is rated at a lower energy usage rating then a conventional system
  3. It is priced below a larger installed conventional system
  4. It takes up less space then a conventional System

After using the system for a full year it had some added benefits we did not expect, they are:

  1. There is less maintenance on the egg washing machine. Because the water came in at the correct temperature, the heater bars didn’t have to heat the washing solution. This allowed the bars to cycle on and off less frequently thereby extending their life. We only replaced one heater bar in 2005 whereas we replaced three in 2004.
  2. Fill time was reduced from twenty-five minutes to nine minutes, greatly increasing efficiency.
  3. Having a consistent water temperature improves egg quality and decreases health issues. Water samples for culturing were taken before and during washing and also before changing the water in the tank. The eggs were rolled on Agar plates for culturing as the eggs came out of the washer. The cultures showed virtually no signs of E. coli or other bacterial growth. The on-demand water heater has been a great addition to our egg washing facility. Its benefits will go far in helping us continue to produce top quality pheasant chicks well into the future.

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