All Natural Pheasant Meat from MacFarlane Pheasants

Consumers want to know how their food is raised. Macfarlane Pheasants’ products are naturally produced and our processes are reviewed each year. MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. recently completed its certification process to be considered All Natural, in this process our facilities are inspected by a third party auditor which validates our all natural status.

The third party certification process is an annual program in which our whole food products facility is inspected for food safety, cleanliness and food security. This process takes a whole day. Steritech, is the company that we have come in and review our farm, they inspect records and verify that our staff is up to date on food safety training. They also test several systems we have in place like our food safety operating programs, safety monitoring programs and pest control programs. They also check that we maintain our standard operating procedures and other programs that we have on file.

Record keeping, training and following standard operating procedures are important for any food products facility. These programs will allow any food products facility to become a provider of higher quality products as well as become a more responsible supplier of food.


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