Transportation Then and Now

MacFarlane Pheasants Inc. transports pheasants year around. In the Spring and Summer we transport day old pheasant chicks throughout the United States via US Post Office Express and Priority Mail and by our own fleet of atmosphere controlled trucks and vans. In addition, we ship day old pheasants by Air Freight to several customers in the United Kingdom. In the Fall and Winter we deliver adult pheasants as far West as the Rockies and as far North as Canada and to the South as far as Florida. All year round we transport our dressed and smoked pheasants to distributors throughout the United States in our refrigerated trucks.

MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. business relies on the safe delivery of our pheasants using the most economical and fastest way possible while maintaining humane treatment of our pheasants. Over the years we have learned that in order to continue to effectively deliver our pheasants, MacFarlane Pheasants needed to invent its own transportation system. A delivery schedule that includes vehicle assignment, confirmation of drivers, and customers was developed.

Utilizing this schedule, we are able to be pro active to assign vehicles and drivers for our deliveries weeks in advance. Communication is key to our growing business, by having this delivery schedule, it allows us to have clear and consistent information for our employees as well as our customers.

We began adding a new line of Freightliner FL-60’s to our fleet of vehicles. These Freightliners have assisted us on delivering more pheasants and not having to rely on the Postal Service as much to deliver our pheasants safely. We have employed experienced commercial drivers who are trained to deliver our birds. We strive to continually improve on our procedures for delivering pheasants. Our main concern when delivering day old chicks, is a safe and humane delivery. For chick deliveries we have two types of vehicles we utilize. Our custom vans are complete with insulation to maintain temperature and fans to circulate air flow. Because of this, all of the boxes of chicks have adequate air flow. The temperature is closely monitored by temperature gages in both the front and back of the vans. Our goal is to deliver the chicks to our customers with no losses. On trips more than three hours our drivers stop and do a physical check of all of the chick boxes. They look to see that the chicks are lively and doing well. If they experience any problems, they immediately contact one of our managers for assistance in treating the problem. Two of our core values are humane treatment of our birds and customers’ satisfaction. We will continue to work hard at accomplishing those goals as well as all others.

The same principles apply to delivery of our adult live pheasants. They also are delivered by our own fleet of vehicles. Because special handling needs are required for adult bids, we rely on no one but our experienced staff for those deliveries.

Our close proximity to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport makes it possible for us to ship our dressed and smoked birds to distributors thoughtout the United States easily and often. We use refrigerated trucks to assure the freshness of all our food products.

Meeting the needs of the customers is of the utmost importance to us at MacFarlane Pheasants Inc.

We have developed this effective transportation system to allow us to better serve you and continue to effectively meet and exceed all of your requirements. Be it day old chicks, mature pheasants or dressed pheasants we are able and ready to serve your needs.