1991 Tornado

Tornado Path from 1991

Newspaper Picture of Storm Path 1991

Newspaper picture of the path the storm took through Janesville's Southside.

In May of 1991 Janesville was struck by a tornado. The funnel was first spotted northeast of the Rock County Airport and touched down near our home farm. To say the least our farm took damage from the storm. The netting was ripped off the top of a pen killing seven pheasants and flinging brooder huts out of the pen.
Not only did the tornado damage our farm but our neighbors were hit as well. Residents on both Kellogg and Roosevelt Avenues were damaged. Homes were hit by debris from our farm, had siding ripped from their houses and trees uprooted in their yards.
The tornado was a small one and the Janesville community was lucky that no one was hurt in the storm.