Aerial View of the Grounds

This first picture was taken back in 1940. The Pheasant Farm was then two units of 270 acres. About 107,000 pheasants were marketed that year.

In the 1960’s our farm made its own feed and our market had grown to 200,000 birds hatched a year. Birds were still raised in small sheds with attached runs.

By 1999 the main farm consisted of only the growout pens for flight birds, food products, barns and our retail store. Our hatchery and breeders are offsite for bio-security.

Over 60 acres of pens under netting and the ability to produce and ship over 300,000 flight birds and 1.3 million chicks made 2002 a banner year.

With the addition of the Noss Farm 110 acres are under netting. During the 2010 season we will produce over 1.5 million chicks and 400,000 mature birds.