Noss Road Farm

In the Fall of 2005 MacFarlane Pheasants purchased 160 acres of farm land on Noss Rd. The land was zoned for general farm use but MacFarlane’s intended to raise more birds than allowed on the properties. In February 2006 MacFarlane Pheasants started the zoning process to expand its operations so it could raise more than the limit of 800 birds on the property.

During the zoning process MacFarlane’s sent out letters to its surrounding community and held open houses for people to come see how we do things and to address any concerns they had over the farm’s expansion

The Noss Road Farm originally had 23 acres under netting in 2006. In 2008 15 acres of pens were added for a total of 38 acres under netting. We raise about 95,000 birds at Noss each year.