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New Flight Pens

New Pen Construction Project Timeline

We announced in an earlier post that we sold the 175 acres that currently contain about 20% of our flight pens. We also have barns, offices, and a maintenance shop on this site that will be at a new location by December 31, 2023. We are happy to announce that the work is finished on the new pens.

We recently completed the pen project and placed our first hens in the new pens. We built 76 individual pens that are 80 by 150 feet each. By the middle of July 2023 we will have the rest of our new pens filled with MacFarlane’s fabulous pheasants! The success of this project required some hard work by some great people!

The Dream Team for the New Pen Project

It took a little over two months to build the pens with the help of Jim Clark leading a crew of three MacFarlane Pheasant pen experts! Jim wanted to make sure we mentioned that though he thinks he is a very knowledgeable pen builder, Brian Check might be better. "He was instrumental in completing the project." Jim’s parents owned Blonhaven in Milton, Wisconsin and Jim purchased the farm when he was 26. Though Jim has long since retired, he has helped out at MacFarlane Pheasants for many years on special projects.

Troy Cisewski, Director of Production explained the process of making sure all valuable and usable parts were taken from the older pens to be used when building the new pens. This included having crews pull all viable posts, chicken wire, cable, back doors, gates, kickers, and headers. Troy is valued for his common sense and not just for having a degree in Animal Science and having worked at MacFarlane pheasants since 2008. He has overseen various aspects of bird production and management in Janesville and Missouri.

In conclusion, we are excited about these new pens and thankful for everyone who worked on this project. Keep following us as we update you on our exciting changes.

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