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Red-Legged Partridges Are Popular Game Birds And We Raise Them!

The History of Our Red-Legged Partridges 

We started raising Red-Legged Partridges in 2009. Our owner Bill MacFarlane had a customer request for these partridges and that started the ball rolling. Since the Red-Legged Partridge has been raised at game farms in France and Italy for centuries, we began exploring how to import eggs. We started importing eggs from France and became the only commercial producer of Red-Legged Partridges in the United States.

In order to bring the eggs into the United States we must apply with the federal government three weeks before shipment for an import permit. Upon approval, the eggs go to Chicago, where the U.S. Fish & Wildlife examine the eggs for clearance into the United States.

The Benefits of Raising Reg-Legged Partridges

Once we began importing, hatching, and raising the partridges, they quickly became our favorite. Here are a few reasons why. These birds are:

  • Easy to raise in captivity
  • Hardy and able to withstand extreme climates
  • Flighty, wild, and easily excitable

We hatch French Red-Legged Partridges twice yearly and fill 2 barns with each hatch.  Our first group this year brought 26,559 of these special partridges to the farm.  A typical hatch is about 22,500 chicks, so we did very well with our first 2023 hatch!  Recently we were able to move 25,159 Red-Legged Partridges to outside pens to raise them to maturity. We can expect at least 50,000 mature partridges by August. We sell French Red-Legged Partridges at maturity, and our first shipment is typically in early August. If you would like to discuss having these fabulous birds on your property, please Phone: 608.757.7881 regarding ordering availability or contact us for a quote.

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