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MacFarlane Pheasants Inc Purchases A New Tractor!

On June 30, 2022 in General by spope

MacFarlane Pheasant’s employees are excited to be using a New Holland tractor on our main farm in Janesville, Wisconsin. Traver Weber, our Maintenance Manager traveled to New Holland, Michigan to drive this beauty and make sure it matched our needs. Brian Davis, our Farm Management Manager, had already researched tractors after meeting with our employees to identify our greatest needs. We needed a tractor to mow and till the grounds inside our nearly 25 acres of flight pens on the main farm. We also needed to find a tractor that offered us the best financial deal. The New Holland T380F was the perfect fit for us. 

Our tractor requirements included a three-point hitch and a 540-rpm rear PTO. The factory 540-rpm rear PTO drive increased the tractor's versatility by providing a means to drive a variety of stationary and 3-point-hitch-mounted power equipment, including rotary tillers, irrigation pumps, sprayers, and mowers. It was also important that the tractor be low enough to fit under our nets in the flight pens. Our new tractor needed to meet our safety standards, so the folding roll bar on the New Holland was an excellent addition! Our research led us directly to the New Holland tractor. After Traver drove the tractor and was satisfied that it met our needs, he made the purchase and scheduled the delivery. Our tractor arrived last week and is already in use!

An added bonus is that the existing tractor on the farm was reassigned to our maintenance department. Maintenance is responsible for keeping all of the grass around our enormous farm mowed and manicured, so having a tractor assigned to the crew responsible for this job is an added benefit! 

If you are looking for a tractor that can efficiently and effectively keep your flight pens in perfect condition, feel free to communicate with Traver at [email protected]. Traver would be happy to share his experience with the New Holland tractor. He can also share information regarding the tractor company in Holland, Michigan where we purchased our tractor.


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