• John Deere Gator

    MacFarlane Pheasants is Using 4-Wheelers for Farm Upkeep

                                Gator                                      ATV In the past Gators were used by Farm Management for: Hauling feeders in and out of [...]

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  • Momac

    Transitions Between Breeder Seasons in Missouri

    Troy Cisewski, our Production Manager, oversees the three MacFarlane Pheasants’ farms in Missouri. They are all located within a 30-minute driving distance of each other. The primary purpose for having the Missouri farms is biosecurity. Multiple egg sources protect us if a disease occurs and other farms would need to [...]

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  • New Holland Tractor

    MacFarlane Pheasants Inc Purchases A New Tractor!

    MacFarlane Pheasant’s employees are excited to be using a New Holland tractor on our main farm in Janesville, Wisconsin. Traver Weber, our Maintenance Manager traveled to New Holland, Michigan to drive this beauty and make sure it matched our needs. Brian Davis, our Farm Management Manager, had already researched tractors [...]

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  • Kubota Skid Steer

    MacFarlane Pheasants Purchases a New Skid Steer

    We are so excited about purchasing a new Kubota Skid Steer at MacFarlane Pheasants. Traver Weber, our maintenance manager, explored both used and new skid steers before deciding that a new one would be the best long-term investment. His decision to negotiate for a new skid steer involved meeting with [...]

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  • Pheasant Chicks in Brooder Barn

    New Thermal Foggers at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc.

    What are Thermal Foggers? They are a jet engines with liquid injectors that use flame and heat to turn a disinfectant into vapor form (fog). The mist allows the disinfectant to cover all the nooks and crevices of a barn. It even permeates the bedding material to ensure that pathogens [...]

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  • Photo of Barns

    Protecting MacFarlane Barns with Smart-Barn Alarms

    Smart Barn Alarms are protecting our barns at MacFarlane Pheasants. Heidi Welch, the Brooder Crew Lead, can tell you all about why they are needed in the brooder barns and exactly how they work! Heidi says, “The temperature and water alarms are VERY important and I cannot stress that enough!” The [...]

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  • Photo of Milton Barn

    Is An Alarm System Needed On Our Farm?

    Is an alarm system needed on our pheasant farm? The answer is yes, if we want to sleep at night! Having consistent temperatures is crucial to the success of raising our chicks. The most important use of an alarm system is to detect temperatures that get outside of our desired range. [...]

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  • Photo of French Partridges

    The Secrets of Raising French Redleg Partridges

    Last year, Brian Klein and Fairah Ramsey took over the MacFarlane Pheasants French Redleg partridge brooding program. Notoriously finicky, something—or a lot of somethings—had to change about how we had raised the birds, which have always had a higher mortality than our other gamebirds. “I just went into it not [...]

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  • Worker Running the Feed Vac

    The Feed Vacuum

    When it comes to building a better mousetrap, MacFarlane Pheasants is still looking, just like we’re always searching for ways to make our job easier. That’s the reason behind the feed vacuum, which we purchased three years ago and have implemented ever since. Far from a gimmick, the “feed vac” [...]

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  • Mowing Is A Must! Pheasants Need Open Space To Get Sunlight, Warm Up, And Dry Off

    At six to seven weeks of age, pheasants are moved from the brooder barn into flight pens. They live in these flight pens until they are shipped, around twenty-two weeks of age. Understanding how to manage covered pens is essential in producing a quality pheasant. Establishing cover in the pen is [...]

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  • Photo of Hatchery Since 1988

    Looking at new technology for Pheasant Farming

    In 1929, MacFarlane Pheasant Farm, a family owned and operated business, was established. Many changes have occurred over the years as the business grew. The advancement and introduction of technology on the farm has facilitated this growth and continues to be a tool in making the farm successful. Presently, the [...]

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