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Breeding Pheasants with Beautiful Tails

On April 14, 2016 in General by spope

Ringneck Pedigree Pheasants are a unique population of birds we raise at MacFarlane Pheasants. They have the best combination of all pheasant traits. Their lineage is tracked and recorded as we continue to develop the best birds. Breeding pheasants that are hardy and healthy with long, beautiful tails is rewarding. Pedigree birds are used to reproduce breeder males.  When we find great traits we want those traits to be repeated for many years. It is such an interesting process to study pheasants and find those with the best qualities of a pedigree.

We measure a number of traits, including tail length, and then use the birds with the best combination of traits for breeding. It is possible that there are folks out there that don’t care about a long, beautiful tail, but once you see the Pedigree Ringneck you come to a new understanding! Actually, the breeding of birds, via specific traits, over time, leads to a very uniform and consistent bird year after year. Visit our website to view pictures of all the birds we raise at MacFarlane Pheasants. But, before you do, enjoy this good-looking pedigree pheasant!

Breeding Pheasants with Beautiful Tails


The Chinese Ringneck is the most popular of breeds. This pheasant is used primarily for stocking and hunting. These hardy birds adapt readily to the wild and are prized by sportsmen for their excellent flying ability, brilliant colors, and long beautiful tails!

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