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Breeder Selection at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc.

On March 30, 2021 in General by spope

Breeder Selection is an important aspect of raising pheasants. A good breeder selection program means that the health, appearance, and performance of the mature pheasants are superior. The number of breeders we select is based on the projected sales to our customers. Once the numbers are determined, we map out our different flocks and determine placement. We currently have 8 flocks selected.

We have a breeder selection crew of five people. They begin selecting breeders and roosters in August, intending to have our barns in Missouri filled by the middle of November and our breeder pens in Janesville filled by December 1. The selection of breeders involves making sure the breeder is free from any defects. Breed criteria also include the following qualities: the birds will reach a good weight by the desired shipping age, coloration is the most beautiful, and tail length and retention is a desired feature.

Once the Hen/Rooster is chosen as a Breeder Candidate:
Wings are clipped to prevent injury 
Peepers are placed on all birds to prevent picking
Birds are dusted for mites and lice

Importance of a Good Breeder Selection Program:
Performance/productivity of the breeder flock
The Livability of the flock
The number of eggs produced 
The fertility/hatching rate of eggs

Basic Breeder Facts:
Our Missouri facilities can hold 8800 breeders. 
Our Wisconsin facility can hold up to 10,000 breeder hens. 
Our outside breeder hens need one rooster per 10 hens. 
Our barn breeders need one rooster per 16 hens.
Pheasant breeding takes place when a dominant male attracts a harem of females. 
This is a complex courtship ritual with sounds and movements to attract the females.
The male struts around, standing tall and straight before impregnating the hens. 
It’s a busy time of year for hens and roosters! 
A Ringneck hen can lay 50-60 eggs during the season.

Breeder Selection is part of the process that ensures our customers that MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. will provide the most healthy and beautiful birds, with outstanding performance.


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