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Growing Farm. Same Values

by Char Debroux

I have been a part of MacFarlane Pheasants Inc. now for about 10 years. I have been in charge of the mature sales for 5 seasons. As I have been apart of this, I have seen a great deal of growth in our operation. For example, in my area, in the 2000-01 season we shipped 218,000 pheasants, 39,000 huns and 27,000 chukar/Redlegs. In the 01-02 season we shipped 247,000 pheasants, 39,000 huns and 31,000 chukar/Redlegs. Just this past season, we have grown even further by delivering 269,000 pheasants, 44,000 huns and 35,000 Chukar/Redlegs .

Even with the growth of our business, we have been able to continue to up hold the six Core Values of our Company. Two of these have been emphasized and improved upon; the Humane Treatment of Birds and Customer Satisfaction. These are very important to us.

Due to the size of our company, we are able to go a step further than our competitors; for one, you can always count on being able to reach a person and not a recording when calling during Mon – Fri 8 am to 5 pm (CST). Secondly, you can call us at a toll free number for any questions you may have, 1-800-345-8348. From breeding, incubating, rearing, or releasing, if our staff answering the phones can’t answer your question, we will get one of our knowledgeable managers. Lastly, because of the Core Value of this company for employee job satisfaction, you can be rest assured that our staff will eagerly put great detail into each individual order.