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Better Birds, More Meat

White PheasantOver the years, MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc has developed a white pheasant. This white pheasant was cross bred with a ringneck and through selective breeding has become the large meaty bird that today is used for over 100% of our meat production.

A white pheasant is important in meat production because of the pigmentation of their feathers. Darker plumage has darker pigmentation and can leave behind darker spots on the meat.

The white pheasants at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc are special because they have their own facility in which the breeders are kept and selected. By keeping the stock separate from outside vectors and other flocks of birds, we can lessen the chance for disease. This produces healthier chicks and in the end a bigger and better product.

Over the years our selection process has given us a larger bird that produces a high breast yield. The yield from a smaller white pheasant was actually more than the yield from a larger Jumbo ringneck pheasant. The attention to detail when selecting birds solidifies the commitment to our customers to produce a quality product consistently. Order meat online at