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Chicks For Sale!

On October 19, 2023 in Chick Sales by Bill MacFarlane

Box of Mutant.jpg

We opened our chick sales at MacFarlane Pheasants on October 9, 2024, and will continue to take orders until the week before the last hatch in August! Our first hatch will be in March, but this is the smallest hatch of the season, so the availability of chicks is more limited at that hatching. We continue hatching chicks through spring and summer, and our last hatch is in the middle of August. We sell and deliver over a million chicks during the season so we will have lots of chicks! These are day-old chicks, and you may choose from the following varieties: Ringneck, Kansas Ringneck, Manchurian Cross, Melanistic Mutant, Extra Large Ringneck, and Chukar Partridge. You can find detailed pricing and shipping information on our website. Shipping through the USPS has been a successful delivery method for many years, and we anticipate the process to go smoothly during 2024. We also provide a percentage of chicks with each order to account for any loss during shipping. Read More »

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