Wine, Women, and Wild Game Virtual Event-August 20, 2020 Mark Your Calendars!

Published On: June 16, 2020Categories: Hunting

Did you know there are about one million women farmers and ranchers in the United States? Women are integral members of Pheasants Forever, Quail Forever, and MacFarlane Pheasants. This is why MacFarlane Pheasants, along with two other sponsors, is partnering with Pheasants Forever to host a virtual event featuring Chef Danielle Prewett on August 20, 2020, at 6:00 pm Central Daylight Time. Danielle is the founder of Wild + Whole, a resource for those who want to eat well by hunting, fishing, foraging, and gardening. She is a fascinating woman and a delightful presenter. She will be preparing one of her favorite pheasant recipes at this event, and you are invited to cook along with her or just sit back and enjoy the presentation.

Throughout history, women have been involved in hunting, preparing game, and conserving the land. Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever have a chapter called Women on the Wing that provides opportunities for women who love hunting and the outdoors to engage and learn from one another. The Women, Wine and Wild Game Virtual Event on August 20 is one of those opportunities. We encourage you to attend. Tickets are available at the link provided Women, Wine and Wild Game.

Tickets include membership to Pheasants Forever or Quail Forever so it is a win/win situation for women everywhere who love and cherish this beautiful land. We hope you will join us in attending this virtual event on August 20!

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