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Does Actor and Outdoorsman Michael Keaton Hunt MacFarlane Pheasants?

On April 4, 2014 in General by spope

It’s no secret that actor Michael Keaton, who’s starred in such classics as Beetlejuice, Mr. Mom, and Batman, is a passionate outdoorsman. He’s appeared on the TV show Buccaneers & Bones fly fishing for tarpon, and he’s chosen Big Timber, Montana, as home. But did you know he’s also an avid pheasant hunter? And that he’s an excellent shot?

Speaking to the magazine Esquire in a January profile, the 62-year-old American icon invited the magazine’s writer to hunt pheasants with him. Here’s what they saw:

Grass rises in clumps, more like fists than weeds. In between, the bleached and broken bones of antelopes litter the dirt spots, which makes no never mind to Michael Keaton. He points to mountain ranges, three of them in view, names them, names the unseen river.

And just in case you’re wondering, Keaton is a great shot. Keaton flushes a male pheasant at 60 yards, pauses, shoots, and “the bird falls, straight down, like a stone from a tree branch, dead when we reach it. Great shot,” writer Tom Chiarella recounts.

The question we’re wondering is, could that be a MacFarlane pheasant? We ship chicks and mature birds all over the U.S., including Montana. We supply the state’s hunt clubs with chicks and mature birds. Seven different clubs all less than a two-hour drive from Keaton’s Big Timber hometown receive hunt-ready birds from MacFarlane Pheasants.

Was Keaton hunting MacFarlane pheasants? Here’s a better question: Why would a man of Keaton’s refined taste hunt anything else?

Who’s your celebrity of choice to pheasant hunt with? Drop your answer in the comments, and read Keaton’s whole profile in Esquire here:

Does Actor and Outdoorsman Michael Keaton Hunt MacFarlane Pheasants?

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