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What Does the Sale of Whole Foods Mean for MacFarlane Pheasants?

On August 3, 2017 in Dressed by spope

News that Amazon will finalize the purchase of Whole Foods by the second half of 2017 is rampant on the internet. The articles consistently mention a deal for 13.7 billion dollars!  Whole Foods stores have been in business since 1980.  They opened with one store in Austin, Texas and now have 460 stores across the United States. Whole Foods has been selling MacFarlane pheasants for years and they are one of our biggest customers! This is why the future acquisition of Whole Foods, by Amazon, put us all on high alert!

We don’t expect the name will change after the deal is done. We do expect to see a change in the way sales are handled, though. More online availability is probable. It is conceivable that business at Whole Foods will increase due to online sales. Increased business is always welcome news, because when business increases where we sell our pheasant, we sell more pheasant!

Since Whole Foods is one of our biggest and best customers, we will be attentively watching for the finalization of the sale to Amazon. On-line ordering of our pheasant through Whole Foods would be a positive addition to in-store purchases. In the meantime, please stop into Whole Foods and buy some MacFarlane Pheasant this fall!









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