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The Milton Farm News

On May 22, 2024 in Milton by Bill MacFarlane

The Milton Farm, located in Milton, WI, is one of our WI locations for MacFarlane Pheasants Inc. People often wonder what goes on at each of our locations so today we are sharing what prepping our barns and pens involves. We'll also share our current work adding new feed systems.

Prepping Barns for the Season:

-Clean out the barns

-Wash and disinfect the barns and all the equipment that will be in the room with the chicks.

-Make sure that everything is running properly by testing all of the equipment and making any necessary repairs on the brooders, water systems, feed systems, and fans.

.-Bed the rooms with either wood chips or straw, depending on the room.

-Fog the rooms to disinfect everything one last time.

-Lastly, set the temperatures and alarms for the barn.

Prepping the Pens:

- Till the pens. If the cover is good, we just till the path and perimeter.  If the cover is bad, we till the whole pen and replant.

-Plant the pens (if necessary). 

-Make necessary repairs to the top net, wire, doors, gates, and pen structure (broken posts and cables).

-Spray the path and perimeter of the pens with herbicide. 

- Wash the feeders, huts, and plassons and put the clean ones back in the pens.

-Put straw under the huts and in the corners.

-Put a feed pan filled with cracked corn under each hut.

In addition to prepping and cleaning the Milton barns and pens in early spring, we are excited to announce the addition of new feed systems to two of the barns. These innovative systems eliminate the need to bag feed those rooms, significantly improving efficiency. The feed system for barn 40A is complete and works great! In another month, the second feed system will go into a machine shed, further enhancing our operations. These advancements are a testament to our commitment to continually improving our pheasant business, and we are optimistic about the future of MacFarlane Pheasants.

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