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The Mature Game Bird Season is in Full Swing at MacFarlane Pheasants

On October 30, 2021 in General by spope

semi truck with a trailer full of pheasants

"The mature season at MacFarlane Pheasants is in full swing, and we are busier than ever," says our Shipping Coordinator, Brian Davis. Game Bird hunting interest is strong throughout the country, and we have been buzzing with preparations this fall. Planning for Game Bird deliveries is one of our most important processes and requires several steps to make our season successful.

Step 1: Supplies have been inventoried, and purchase requests are turned in.

Step 2: Crates, sides for delivery trucks, bungees, truck tarps, and hand trucks are accounted for and ready to go.

Step 3: We double-check where each hatch of birds is located and are monitoring them weekly for condition and quality.

ringneck pheasant

Step 4: We are making sure we are aware of birds slated for breeders by communicating with the crew to ensure those birds are not shipped.

Step 5: We are doing our best to place birds in pens in a manner that makes shipping easier, and in a strategic fashion so that when hard winter/late season comes, we can access our birds easily.

Step 6: Keeping efficiency in mind allows us to split hatches to multiple areas. If we have a sizable load that needs to leave early, we assemble multiple crews to catch the same age bird. Expanding our crew size and efficiently placing our Game Birds allows us to get trucks out faster.

Rooster quality is outstanding this year. Roosters are in excellent health with beautiful feathers. We are always experimenting with managing our pens to increase the quality of birds we raise and deliver. The MacFarlane Pheasants' crews are always learning something new, and I think our customers will be pleased with the Game Birds we deliver in the future!

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