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Spring and Summer Grilling with Pheasant!

On April 17, 2020 in Dressed by agoble

Spring is here and households all over America are getting their grills fired up! This favorite pastime makes every-day meals just a little more exciting!  Grilling pheasant is a sensational choice when cooking outdoors and there are a variety of recipes to help you add pizzazz to your meals!

One of the all-time favorite pheasant treats is pheasant kabobs. It takes 30 minutes to prep these kabobs and 15 minutes to grill them. MacFarlane Pheasant breast strips, a jar of jalapeño peppers, 12 slices of bacon, and 6 bamboo skewers are all you need.

Grilled pheasant "burgers" is a delicious choice for a week-night grilling event.

Here’s what you need: 1 pound of ground pheasant, 4 pieces of bacon, a medium onion, saltine crackers, tomato, lettuce, cheese, salt and pepper, and buns.

Grilled Barbecue pheasant might just be my all-time favorite. I like to use a whole pheasant cut up and brushed with butter, salt, pepper, and paprika before placing it on the grill. You should use a medium hot grill and turn frequently while basting the pheasant pieces with barbecue sauce (your favorite). Basically, I continue to grill the same as I would a chicken. It takes around 20-30 minutes until the internal temperature reaches the desired degree of 165 degrees. If you would like to know how to cut up a whole pheasant please watch this video.

Last but not least, you must try MacFarlane Pheasant brats on the grill! They are so easy and with some buns and condiments, you are set! MacFarlane offers three different types of brats for the seasoned brat connoisseur!

Be sure to download our cookbook to try more of our tried and true pheasant recipes and happy grilling! Pheasant products can be purchased at our online store, Whole Foods groceries all over the US, Woodman’s in Janesville, Beloit, Sun Prairie, and Waukesha (Wisconsin), and now at some Piggly Wiggly’s in Southern Wisconsin.

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