Pure Pheasant Pet Food is Amazing!

Published On: August 4, 2023Categories: Pure Pheasant

Nutritional Benefits of Pure Pheasant Pet Food

Why would a pet owner want to purchase MacFarlane Pheasant’s Pure Pheasant Pet Food? The answer, simply put, is that pheasant is filled with nutritional value! Our pheasant is sourced right here on our farm, and there is no intermediary. You can count on our pheasant to be humanely raised without antibiotics or hormones. The most significant benefit is that pheasant meat is low in fat and high in several minerals, including phosphorus and manganese. These minerals support strong bone growth and healing. You can find out more about our pet products by visiting our Pure Pheasant website. But first, let me tell you how to stay informed and benefit from sales of Pure Pheasant products.

Get the Best Deals on Pure Pheasant Products

We send promotional emails to our customers to inform them of upcoming sales. We also use social media such as Facebook or Instagram to promote our sales. The best way to have continuous access to our promotional deals is to sign up to receive our emails.  If you click on resources after the emails link, you will see how to get on the email list. The process is easy and well worth it! Though other retailers have picked up our products, the sales described are only offered at our online site and our retail store in Janesville, WI. About 80% of our sales come through our Pure Pheasant Website; the remaining 20% come through pet food wholesale distributors.

Where can I Find MacFarlane Pheasant’s Pure Pet Food?

Our products sell across the United States and we have pet wholesale distributors in the Midwest, West, and East Coast. If you live in one of these areas and try out Pure Pet Food at one of our distributors or from our online store, we would love to hear from you. We have over 350 customer reviews on the Pure Pheasant Website, and we would love to add your name.

Let me end by telling you about our best seller. Our most popular pet food is our five- pound raw chub prey diet. This chub is a block of supplement consisting of 80%meat, 10% bone, and 10% organ meat. The make-up of the chub matches the make-up of a live bird! The chub is made without artificial fillers or preservatives, and according to our customers, pets love it.


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