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Our Fabulous Pheasant Meat Is Everywhere!

On February 9, 2016 in Dressed by spope

Our Fabulous Pheasant Meat Is Everywhere!

MacFarlane Pheasant  reaches grocery stores and restaurants through food distributors who sell them to either smaller distributors or straight to restaurants and grocery stores. We work with Harris Teeter, Burris logistics, and Lipari foods. The main products we sell through these distributors are whole birds, the half pheasant, and the airline breast. The airline breast has an extra drumette on it-almost like an extra wing. Can you spot the difference?

airline breast  Airline Breast           boneless breast Boneless Breast

  • Currently our products are reaching Sprouts, which are located in the west and southwest regions of the United States, Woodman’s in Wisconsin and Illinois, and Whole foods, all over the United States!

All of our products are sold in our own retail store, so consumer choices are widely expanded when you buy directly from us.  Some of our favorite products are ground pheasant, pheasant brats, the boneless, skinless pheasant breast and our bulk boneless breast.  These products were developed and are marketing well, because they are delicious and healthy and we are hoping to grow their availability through our distributors.

Our recent USDA certification for our meat products means that our products can now be sold internationally. This means increased opportunities for pheasant meat to reach the world stage!  We have worked very hard to build our food business and it is paying off.  MacFarlane Pheasant is very appreciative of our distributors, the stores carrying our product, restaurants who sell pheasant dishes and the support of customers who buy directly from our Janesville retail store and our on-line stores.

Ask for pheasant meat at a store near you! Contact Rachel at to find out how to purchase your pheasant meat products.

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