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MacFarlane Pheasants is the place to get edible pheasant eggs. They can be bought in our retail store at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. located at 2821 South US. Highway 51, Janesville, WI or online from our website.

We have a flock of hens that are used solely for the purpose of laying edible eggs. There aren’t any roosters in the barn so these eggs are not fertile. You might say they are nutritiously delicious!

Pheasant eggs are packed with healthy nutrients and are very tasty on their own and in many recipes. Like other edible eggs, pheasant eggs provide plenty of protein, essential amino acids,  and many other vitamins including vitamins B and D. These nutrients provide your brain, nervous system, bones, skin, and muscles with multiple benefits. The protein builds and repairs muscles. Amino acids help regulate sleep, mood, and appetite. Vitamins B and D contribute to energy, strengthen the immune system and contribute to bone health. All eggs are a good source of nutrition but the taste of pheasant eggs is an added delight.

Pheasant eggs, from my experience, have a richer taste than chicken eggs, which make them a perfect choice for omelets, quiche, egg sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, and other recipes containing eggs. The hard-boiled eggs are great snacks for kids! They are also beautiful in the shell as they are usually either olive green colored or a rich brown color that both adults and children enjoy.

Eggs from pheasants are smaller than a chicken egg, so it is important to use two pheasant eggs for every one chicken egg when you substitute them in recipes. They can be used up to 45 days from the date they are collected so you have plenty of time after you purchase your eggs to enjoy them. Cartons are labeled with a “use by” or “best by” label so it is easy to know when you need to “get cooking” to use your eggs while the taste is perfect.

MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. has been selling pheasant eggs for a few months now. They are selling in the retail store in Janesville, Wisconsin, online, and also to some of our food distributors. We also have some hunt clubs that purchase them and use them in their clubhouses. Eggs sold to distributors and hunt clubs are often delivered when we deliver birds and food products. It’s a win/win!

Watch for pheasant egg recipes on our blog in the near future. I’m thinking you might enjoy the easy custard recipe I tried this weekend. Rich and creamy pheasant eggs are the secret ingredients.


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