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Mexico Has Discovered MacFarlane Pheasants!

On April 27, 2018 in Dressed by MacFarlane Staff

We are so excited to share our latest food product adventure in Mexico. We were contacted by a distributor in Mexico about some resorts that were looking for a unique center of the plate option at their restaurants. We were happy to provide them with our delicious and nutritious pheasant!

Currently the distributor is buying 2-2.5-pound whole pheasants, about one pallet per month, but we are confident that once customers develop a taste for pheasant, sales will increase to match the interest. 

Mexico is an exciting export but requires a great deal of documentation. There are about eight separate documents required in order to export pheasant to Mexico. All documents must be completed in Spanish and English. Luckily, Rachel Atherton, Global Marketing Director, can read Spanish and she has Karina Rangel, a bilingual co-worker to assist her in her Spanish. 

The product is delivered to Laredo, Texas, before crossing the border and going to Mexico City. We work with a distributor and a broker to complete the transaction. Though it sounds a little complicated, we love to send our pheasant to new places across the globe. It is the main reason we became USDA certified in 2015. So, wherever you live, if you are a distributor, with customers looking for a unique, delicious, nutritious main dish, please call Rachel Atherton at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. (608-314-3448).

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