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MacFarlane Pheasants’ Pet Food

On February 11, 2021 in General by spope

The MacFarlane family loves its dogs. Perhaps, that is why Bill MacFarlane made the decision to expand his business in 2019 and develop an all-natural line of pet food and treats. The MacFarlane’s feed their dogs Pure Pheasant food, and Bill says, “Our dogs are healthier and more energetic than ever! “ We also have freeze-dried pet treats that both dogs and cats enjoy. If you want to provide a pet diet that you know is straight from the farm to your pet’s bowl and contains super nutrients, you will want to check out our Pure Pheasant website!

All of the Pure Pheasant products are from pheasant meat grown on our farm in Janesville, WI.  All of our pheasants are fed a 100% vegetarian diet made from non-GMO corn, without added hormones or antibiotics. When you feed your dogs or cats our products, you can be assured that they are all natural and minimally processed.

Pheasant meat is low in fat and high in several minerals, including phosphorus and manganese. These minerals support strong bone growth and healing. Our products follow the 80/10/10 whole prey feeding model. The raw pheasant contains 80% pheasant meat, 10% pheasant bone, and 10% pheasant organs.

You can purchase these treats on our Pure Pheasant website. Our raw Pure Pheasant meat is available in five-pound chubs. You can order online, and we will ship your product out frozen and in an insulated container, with dry ice. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions. 608-757-7881.

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