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MacFarlane Pheasants Hires Natassia Gonzalez!

On February 6, 2023 in Account Manager, Chicks, Employees, In the News, Pet Food by Karina

Natassia (Tassia) Gonzalez was hired to be the Account Manager for our Chicks and Eggs sales and our Pure Pheasant Pet Food sales, because she is a rising star who places customer service at the center of her approach. Please enjoy this short biography.

Tassia started her new position at MacFarlane Pheasants on December 12, 2022. She is getting to know both MacFarlane employees and customers, and her words will give you a glimpse into her personality. “My main goal in this new position is building a relationship with my customers and their accounts and keeping them satisfied with our business. As a consumer, I put myself in the customer's shoes.”

More goals

To succeed and help others succeed.

To work as a team and be part of the family.

To be a part of the growth of MacFarlane's business.

Some interesting facts about Tassia's background are included in her last nine years of work experience. She started working at Chemtool Incorporated in Rockton, Illinois in high school. After working there for five years, Tassia went to work for the Rockford Public School District as a Software Support Analyst.

Who would have guessed that Tassia had an interest in agriculture her whole life? While job hunting in the agricultural field, she stumbled across our job opening at MacFarlane Pheasants. Tassia's background in administration and her general curiosity about agriculture made this job a solid match for her. She concluded this part of her story by sharing a noteworthy comment, “You have to be genuinely interested in what you are doing to succeed in your career.”

Tassia is enjoying her new position and feels that it has been the best decision she has made in her career. She appreciates the family-like environment that MacFarlane Pheasants provides.

When Tassia is not at work, she is busy taking care of her two boys who are almost six and almost two, and like their mother, enjoy farm activities and animals. Tassia's favorite activities outside of work are being a mom, visiting new breweries, going mudding in off-road vehicles, and reading a good book.

Welcome to MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. Tassia Gonzalez!

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