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Have You Visited our Revised Pheasant For Dinner Website?

On September 27, 2022 in Dressed by spope

At, we have a new look! We have revised our site and added some delicious new items to our store to make it as easy as possible to enjoy our pheasant and other wild game. Delicious condiments and rice sides are also available to complement the natural flavors of our meats.


When you visit our new site, you will be reminded that MacFarlane Pheasants has been a family-owned business since 1929. We didn’t have a food division in those days, but our food products have become very popular over the many years since our company first opened. Our products can be found at restaurants and grocery stores all over the country. Our website and retail store are popular for individual customers and companies looking for great gift ideas! Here are a few products on our website. You will find pages of delicious products, if you visit our site, and you are always welcome to visit our store at 2821 South US Highway 51 in Janesville, WI.

A link on our revised website that allows you to go directly to the homepage for,, or These are the three divisions of our farm. 

Lastly, our Recipe Book can still be downloaded for free!  Our Recipe Book has always been a collection of mouth-watering appetizers, entrees, soups, and salads, but it has been updated and contains even more recipes and pictures. You will want to download it again.

We hope you will visit our new website and explore the changes. We appreciate your business and hope you will explore our website and visit our store when you are in the Janesville area.


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