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Ground Pheasant Can Be Used To Make Tasty Dinners

On January 28, 2019 in Dressed by spope

MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. raises Ringneck Pheasants, with white feathers, to produce the pheasant food products they sell through their food division. These pheasants have less fat and more breast meat than the typical Ringneck Pheasant. We sell our food products to distributors, restaurants, grocery stores, cruise lines, and individuals. The choices are amazing and products can be purchased online or at our retail store in Janesville. If you are a business interested in putting our pheasant on your shelves or at your venue, please contact Karina Haas at [email protected]. She would be happy to help meet your pheasant needs!

Ground pheasant has become a very popular selection for easy and tasty dishes. It can be bought by the case or in single packages of one pound each. Ground pheasant is also used in gift boxes, which is another exciting choice for consumers! Now, let’s take a look at a few choices you can prepare ground pheasant for a nutritious, delicious meal. Just follow the links to get the full recipe for each main dish prepared with MacFarlane Pheasants’ ground pheasant.

Ground Pheasant Enchiladas Ground Pheasant Enchiladas

Spaghetti Squash Pheasant BoatsSpaghetti Squash Pheasant Boats

Pheasant Burgers DeluxePheasant Burgers Deluxe

White Meat and Pheasant ChiliWhite Meat and Pheasant Chili

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