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Check Out Our Pure Pheasant Website!

On November 4, 2021 in General by spope

Just recently, we celebrated the first anniversary of our Pure Pheasant company. We offer premium, all-natural pet treats and raw pheasant meat supplements for dogs and cats. We sell these products on our website at The enthusiasm for our pet treats and raw pheasant has exploded over the past year. In addition to buying directly from our website, you can purchase our pet treats and supplements from other online retailers and pet stores all over Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Florida, Connecticut, California and New York.

We are all animal lovers at MacFarlane Pheasants and loved the idea of feeding our pets pheasant meat that is low in fat and high in many minerals that promote strong bones and healing, such as phosphorous and manganese. We knew our customers had pets, too, and our business was born! If you would like to read about how pure pheasant benefits your dogs and cats, you can find this and other information on our website.

Our PurePheasant website also has 131 reviews from satisfied customers, blog articles about dog obesity, slowing down your dog's eating, and more.

Word of mouth has done wonders for Pure Pheasant. We expect to double our sales in 2022 because so many people love the way their pets feel when they eat nutritious pheasant. Our pet food and treats are produced using our locally raised pheasants. Processing and handling are kept to a minimum to ensure a quality, single-ingredient product. Please check our PurePheasant website. You never know when you will see a sale or giveaway, and your pet will love you for it!

Freeze-dried MacFarlane pheasant dog treats
Bull retriever dog on a leash
bowl of raw MacFarlane pheasant dog food

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