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Royd Hatt’s Ornamental Pheasants Are A Big Hit MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. 2018 Seminar

On June 12, 2018 in General by Adam Brunette

Hatt Ranch, founded in 1976, is owned and operated by Royd Hatt. It is located in Green River, Utah, surrounded by 100-foot bluffs and on the edge of the San Rafael desert. Birds are kept in a natural state on the property-wild and free roaming. Hunting at Hatt’s Ranch is a real treat!

Royd is a good friend to MacFarlane Pheasants and was a valued speaker at our 2018 11th Bi-Annual International Pheasant Management Seminar. Royd spoke to our guests about the ornamental pheasants he raises at Hatt Ranch. His session was a huge success and we wanted to share some of the highlights about these extraordinary birds. Enjoy the beautiful photos, compliments of Royd Hatt.

  1. Reeve’s Pheasants
  • Extraordinarily long tails-4-6 feet long
  • Feathers can be seen in Las Vegas shows in the hair dr
  • at take two years to reach maturity
  • essings
  • Bred and raised at Hatt’s Ranch
  1. Golden Pheasants
  • Hatt Ranch has the largest flock in the world
  • Dainty pheasants th
  • Brilliant colors
  • Easy to raise
  • Bred and raised at Hatt’s Ranch
  1. Lady Amherst
  • Same genus as the Golden Pheasant
  • The neck has a cape around it
  • Beautiful with lots of color
  • Can see in Royd’s personal aviary

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