Moving Birds for Interstate Transfer - Seminar 2018

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Moving Birds for Interstate Transfer

By Dr. Richard Schambow

1.   To be a shipper of birds:

·        Develop a veterinary relationship with a local veterinary clinic

·        Set up monthly inspections or

·        Inspections prior to shipping

·        Frequency of inspections are dependent upon state requirements

2.   NPIP Certification

·        Developed in the 1930’s

·        Help reduce the chick mortality due to disease

·        Eliminate S. pullorum

·        Certification is voluntary

·        Testing frequency

·        Inspection frequency

·        Contact your state for testing/inspection

·        Needed for interstate and international shipping

3.   Avian Influenza (AI) Testing

·        Certified AI free

·        Test every 90 days, some states require more often

·        Flock size determines the number of birds tested

·        Test live or dead birds

·        Type of testing:

·        Antibody testing – Elisa test

·        PCR – test for presence of virus

·        Tracheal swabs or cloacal swabs

·        Use pooled samples of 5 birds per test

·        Required in some states

·        AI free to get full indemnity payments

·        Buyer confidence

·        State confidence

4.   Health certificates

·        Issued by the inspecting veterinarian

·        Age dependent – eggs – day olds – mature

·        State dependent

·        NPIP forms vs. CVI

·        More testing required on adults vs. eggs or chicks

·        Flock status determines test needed

·        NO P.O. boxes

·        Eligibility to ship to certain states

5.   Permits

·        Required for certain states

·        Call for updates

·        Yearly permits – per applications

·        Fish and wildlife permits

·        Transportation permits

·        Possession permits for buyer – need prior to shipment

·        Statements on shipping crates

·        Certain states require AI testing in a certain time frame 

6.   International Certificates – Canada

·        NPIP testing

·        AI testing

·        Certain vaccinations not allowed

·        Signed by local veterinarian

·        Endorsed by federal veterinarian in charge at closest APHIS  office

·        Travel time regulated from time of loading to time of unloading

·        Carry extra feed in truck in case of breakdown

·        Appointment made at a predetermined border crossing

·        Predetermined time of crossing

·        Clean driving record for drivers

·        Make sure loaded properly to satisfy ventilation issues

·        Add additional transportation statements

7.   Global Vet Link

8.   Paper health certificates

9.   Biosecurity plan written up and on file for farm

·        Needed for Indemnity payments

About The Presenter

Dr. Rich Schambow graduated from the University Of Wisconsin School Of Veterinary Medicine in 1987. He is the owner of a mixed animal practice in Janesville, WI. He has served as the farm veterinarian for MacFarlane Pheasant Inc. for the past 30 years.