Ordering Pheasant Chicks FAQ

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MacFarlane Chick Order FAQ

Pheasant Chick Order FAQ

Have questions about your pheasant chick order? We have answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the chicks ship to my house?

No, we ship to your local post office where you will need to pick them up when they call you. We recommend calling them ahead of time to give them a heads up.

How long does shipping take?

2 to 3 business days

What if my town is small?

We recommend shipping to the largest town you feel comfortable driving to. The chicks will go to the largest post office to the smallest.

How long after they hatch do you ship?

The chicks hatch and ship the same day

When will I get my tracking number?

You will receive your tracking number the night they ship, typically between 5 – 7pm.

Do you feed or water them before they ship?

No. We do give them grow gel called NMAN but an interesting fact, chicks can survive up to 3 days after hatching without food or water because they are able to get water and nutrients from absorbing their yolk sac

How do you ship in colder months?

From March – May we ship using heat packs to ensure the chicks stay warm and safe when you receive them.

How do you ship in warmer months?

From June – August we ship our chicks using our summer box. This allows proper air flow so the chicks don’t over heat.

Why do I receive extra chicks?

We provide 5% extra chicks with your order in case anything happens during shipment. Our goal is that the chicks arrive safely to you and you have extra chicks.

What is your replacement policy?

We replace any chicks you have lost minus the 5% free we have sent you. We will do our best to ship them to you as soon as possible.

When are chicks available?

Our chick season is March – July

When are eggs available?

Our egg season is March – June

When can I place my order?

We will open up our chick system around Thanksgiving.

Do you ever have sales?

Yes, make sure to sign up on our email list to get up-to-date sales and specials.


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