Manchurian Ringneck Cross Pheasant

Manchurian/Ringneck Cross

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An excellent flight bird, the Manchurian/Ringneck Cross is similar in size and weight to Chinese Ringnecks. The mature Manchurian Cross cock weighs approximately 3.25 lbs. and the hen weighs 2.5 lbs. on average. They are a cross between our Chinese Ringneck and the pure Manchurian Ringneck which we imported, as eggs, from China in 1989. MacFarlane Pheasants is the only farm to import pure Manchurian eggs and have the pure Manchurian bloodline. Pure Manchurian pheasants are well-known for their wildness and the Manchurian cocks have a small distinctive white feather on the sides of their heads near the ear. We found that crossing the Pure Manchurian with the Chinese Ringneck produced a very hardy and vigorous bird that is great for hunting.




History of the Manchurian Project

After three full years of planning we imported out first shipment of Manchurian pheasant eggs from China in June of 1989. These eggs were shipped from Changchun City in northeast China. Read more about the process we went through to get these pheasants fully integrated with our farm. Read more...

Update on the Manchurian Project

MacFarlane Pheasants is currently the only farm in the United States to have this pure Manchurian bloodline. Read more about our initial investment in the Pure Manchurian stock and what pushed us to start cross breeding the Pure Manchurians with our own game farm hens. Read more...