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Spring Time is Hatching Time on the Farm!

On March 14, 2017 in Chicks by spope

After the other night’s snow, I was reminded it’s not quite spring in Wisconsin! But we are preparing for our spring pheasant and partridge hatches ,because it is almost here!  Our first chicks will be available April 2017. We hatch 500,000 chicks a year so we need to prepare. We have a master schedule to assist us in preparation, but also to keep you informed about availability of chicks. Barn preparation is an important step in preparing for spring hatching time.

Barn Preparation

  • Pressure wash and disinfect the barn.
  • Put down shavings and prepare brooders.
  • Set up feed flats and troughs for new chicks.
  • Prepare feed system for transition at three weeks.
  • Set up nipple waterers for new chicks.
  • Prepare the Plasson bell waterer for the three week transition.
  • Fog the barn the day before the new chicks arrive.

We have many chicks that leave our farm at a day old. The first chicks will be ready at the beginning of April. If you haven’t received our chick catalog yet, please contact us and we will send one out. Our chicks are known for their quality genetics and great livability. And in addition to a free rearing guide, our support team supplies service with every sale of partridge and pheasant chicks. We look forward to talking to you at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc.


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