CDL Driver – Flexible Schedule

Job Type: Flexible Hours

Pay: Up to $26 per hour

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Follow all biosecurity policies throughout the farm, as directed by supervisor (tire wash, Danish entry, boot covers or barn shoes, coveralls, etc)
    • Employees of MacFarlane Pheasants are NOT permitted to own birds of any type
  • Ensure all birds are treated humanely at the direction of supervisor
  • Inspect and ensure equipment is in working order and safe to use – report issues to management and follow work order protocol
  • Operate all machinery in the manner it was intended
  • Be ready to work at the beginning of shift; punch in at the beginning of the work day, out at the end of the day, and punch in and out for lunch breaks. Notify supervisor of tardiness or absence as soon as practicable
    • Promptness and time management throughout the workday are of high importance
  • Fill out paperwork accurately and on time
  • Ask questions and request clarification from supervisor if any instructions are unclear
  • Notify supervisor of any issues or problems as soon as practicable
  • Keep work area neat and organized – clean up feed spills and water leaks immediately

Success is Measured by:

  • Acquired on the job knowledge
    • Basic understanding of how the farm works as a whole is a plus
  • Communication with team and supervisor
  • Creativity and dedication to the continued success of the farm
  • Following all protocols laid out in the employee handbook
  • Dependability and reliability
    • Attendance and tardiness will be monitored and documented
    • Time off and vacations requests must be made within a reasonable timeframe
  • Ability to self-direct and make good decisions in response to problems that arise
  • Interpersonal skills and ability to work as a team

Qualifications and Required skills:

  • Schedules are subject to change depending on seasonal workload and needs of the company
    • Weekend availability required, early start times and night checks occasionally required
  • Walking, standing, bending and lifting for long periods of time
  • Ability to lift 50 to 100lbs
  • Communication with coworkers and supervisors, both written and electronic
    • Reading, writing, counting and basic math skills may be required
  • Outdoor and indoor work is required; possible exposure to dust, animal dander, heat/humidity, direct sunlight, animal byproducts (including mortality), precipitation (rain and snow), mud
    • Be sure to dress appropriately for the situation
  • Valid driver’s license and clean driving record is a plus, but not required
    • Experience operating farm machinery is a plus (Skid steer, tractors, etc)
  • Pass a pre-employment drug screening

Site Specific:

  • Valid Class A CDL required
  • Communicate with office, supervisor, and customer regularly and promptly
    • Any changes, delays, or issues should be reported to supervisor right away
  • Regular inspection of vehicles to ensure proper operation – pre trip and post trip
    • Report any damage or issues to supervisor and maintenance manager
  • Operate truck in safe and efficient manner
  • Maintain and accurately fill out paperwork such as logbooks, delivery reports, mileage sheet, green hours sheet
  • Professional interaction with customers

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