Pheasant Chick Breeder Farm Virtual Tour

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Breeder Farm Aerial Tour

Breeder farm Aerial Tour
Breeder Farm Our breeder facility is located off premises only 1 mile from the main office.
Pheasant Eggs Eggs are collected in the pens four to five times daily using plastic egg flats and carriers.
Collecting Eggs Freshly collected eggs are carefully placed into one end of the machine. Before they leave the machine, they will have traveled through gentle jet streams of purified water, special disinfectant, a blow dryer, and into a temperature controlled room.
Washing Eggs As the eggs are gently washed by jet streams of purifed water, soft brushes gently remove any dirt that may have collected on them in the pens. The water must be the perfect temperature. Too cold and it can be absorbed into the eggs along with bacteria. Too hot and the shell quality could be damaged.
Sanitizing Eggs After the jet stream, a quat sprayer disinfectant sanitizes the freshly washed eggs. This keeps the level of e-coli infection low. The now clean eggs are then blown dry and taken at the end of the machine.
Eggs placed into cases The eggs are placed in clean, sanitized, plastic flats. Some easy to find cull eggs are taken out and the rest are then placed into a carrying case that will be placed in a cooler.
Eggs in cooler The eggs carrying cases are placed into a cooler where they will wait for transportation to the hatchery which is about a mile away. The eggs will be trayed and set into incubators there.