Sharing Our Daily Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection

Published On: May 18, 2016Categories: Transportation

Every day is an adventure in the Maintenance Department at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. We take care of 4 Kenworth trucks, 3 Freightliner trucks, 2 Mercedes Sprinter vans, a Ford F 550 truck, and a Ford F 450 truck.  We make a lot of deliveries from our farm and it is just part of reality that vehicles have issues.  We take our responsibility seriously in the maintenance department. That is why we have a Daily Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist for our vehicles that is signed and dated. It includes the action taken if any problems are identified by our 3 person crew. Vehicles don’t leave our lot without being in tip-top shape. The checklist covers the following items:

Walk around inspection:

  • Observe under vehicle for leaks or obstructions
  • Notice any dents, scratches, or other damage
  • Check muffler condition and securement
  • Check tire pressure
  • Check tire treads
  • Check wheels (bent, loose, missing lug nuts, or flap)
  • Check lights
  • Check clearance (license, interior lights, reflectors
  • Check doors
  • Adjust mirrors

Open Hood

  • Check oil and fill with correct motor oil
  • Check radiator overflow container level
  • Check fluids at proper level (brake, steering)
  • Check windshield washer level
  • Check battery housing and connections
  • Check visible drive belt, hoses, and wires
  • Check windshield condition and cleanliness

Start Engine

  • Check transmission fluid level
  • Check to see if all gauges are working
  • Check windshield wipers and blades
  • Check horn
  • Check defrosters
  • Check heater and air conditioner
  • Check emergency brakes
  • Check steering wheel for play
  • Check pallet lift operation
  • Check back up beeper
  • Check fire extinguisher (correctly charged, dated, and secured)
  • Check first aid kit (proper items and replenished)
  • Check blood pathogen kit (required items)
  • Check for 3 reflectors (complete and in red box)
  • Check seats and handrails (condition and secure)
  • Check seat belts
  • Check for seat belt cutter
  • Check that exit windows and roof hatch are functioning
  • Check for current insurance and ID
  • Check for current registration and safety inspection sticker
  • Check that vehicle is free of loose objects
  • Check for overall cleanliness

Please contact Jay Illbeck, Assistant Maintenance Manager, at  if you have more questions about our checklist. We really do enjoy hearing from you!

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