Semi-Trucks Deliver More Pheasants!

Published On: March 8, 2018Categories: Transportation

Delivering our pheasants and other wild birds efficiently and cost- effectively is very important to us at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. That is why we leased the incredible semi-truck you see in these pictures.

Our load capacity with smaller trucks was 650 bird crates. Currently, thanks to the leased semi-truck, our truck capacity increased to 910 crates. We use two to three large trailers with the semi, depending on the size of the delivery.

Art Schumacher, our maintenance manager says we experience fewer mechanical problems and provide our drivers with a larger cab and a more comfortable ride. Fuel mileage has also improved which makes us very happy.

So, the bottom line is that by leasing the semi-truck and attaching the larger trailers we have been efficient, cost-effective, and delivered more pheasants per trip. That is a win-win in the pheasant business!

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The Production Palace at MacFarlane Pheasants

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