MacFarlane Trucks and Drivers Are Ready for the Busy Mature Pheasant Season!

Published On: August 29, 2018Categories: Transportation

It is the season at MacFarlane Pheasants for preparing to deliver our mature birds. In fact, some deliveries are already on their way! Our maintenance manager, Art Schumacher has provided some details about our delivery trucks and drivers that will assure our customers that we are well prepared for the season.

Drivers: We have 12 drivers plus 6 farm employees with CDL’S and five new drivers coming on board soon.

Trucks: We have three over the road trucks and three local delivery trucks with another leased truck coming in September. The trucks all have phones, GPS equipment, and Garmins. They have sleeper births and automatic tractors that can pull a 50-foot trailer.

Inspection: Art and his team have the trucks in tip-top shape for the season, but drivers also do a pre-delivery vehicle and load inspection.

If you have any questions about your scheduled delivery be sure to call Sarah Baker, our Mature Sales Coordinator at 608-314-3461.

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