How Much Do Pheasants Cost?

Published On: December 18, 2014Categories: Mature Birds

It seems like a simple question, but the answer is that at MacFarlane Pheasants, there isn’t a fixed price for adult pheasants. There are a few factors that go into calculating how much a bird will cost. Your location’s distance from our farm, the number of birds you order, and if we can find another customer to coordinate your delivery, all contribute to the final price. Here’s how we determine the cost of a MacFarlane pheasant.

Each time we give a quote to a customer, several factors go into how much we price a bird. The first is distance from our farm. With pheasant chicks, we can quote a fixed price on shipping since chicks are sent through the mail. But with adult pheasants, they must be trucked from our farm to yours, which is based on mileage.

The next factor is the number of birds you order. Like most other things bought in bulk, the more you buy, the cheaper the individual bird is. We have customers that order 100 birds a season, and we also have those who order them by the thousands. Your specific needs will be taken into account when we give you a quote for your adult pheasants, with cheaper prices for more birds ordered.

The final determining factor is other MacFarlane Pheasants customers near you. Why does this affect price? Because if we can split shipping between you and another customer, since we’re going that way anyway, we can make it cheaper for you both. For instance, we have several clients in Wyoming and several routes. Normally a client in Casper must order a minimum of 500 birds with a scheduled run through the city. But if we can combine that customer’s delivery with another customer at the same time in that same area, we can cut the minimum number of birds. In this case, if we can combine deliveries, we can drop the minimum to 200.

To take advantage of reduced shipping costs and minimums, it’s important to be flexible with your delivery date. As a rule of thumb, customers within an hour of our farm in Janesville have a 100-bird minimum. Customers within two hours have a 200-bird minimum. Louisiana, where we don’t currently have any accounts, would have a 2000-bird requirement. But if you’re flexible in your delivery timeframe and we can combine it with another delivery, we can often reduce delivery costs as well as minimums. Call us to find delivery options.

The cost of adult pheasants can vary depending on several factors. The best way to determine how much your birds will cost is to call our office and let us give you a quote or fill out our mature pheasant quote form. Talking to a pheasant specialist at MacFarlane Pheasants is just one more personal touch we offer from a family-owned pheasant farm and small business. If you’re looking for chicks you can order them in our pheasant chick web store.

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