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On February 28, 2018 in Mature Birds by spope

We started importing the French Redleg Partridge eggs a little over 8 years ago. We had good luck hatching the eggs and raising these feisty birds. In fact, the demand for the French Redleg Partridge has continued to grow over the past 8 years and we need more space to raise them! We are in the process of adding 2.2 acres of pens for the French Redlegs. This will allow us to raise about 20,000 more of these awesome birds.

The Redleg Partridges are very uniform in size and beauty. They typically weigh between 19 and 26 ounces and are 13-15 inches high. Redleg Partridges have light brown backs, gray breasts, and buff bellies. Of course, their red legs set them apart, as well as their streaked flanks.

Game Farms/Hunters Love French Redleg Partridges 

  1. Hardy and able to withstand extreme climates
  2. Wild, flighty, and easily excitable
  3. Exciting birds to hunt because they are a challenge
  4. Easy to raise in captivity
  5. Tasty to eat

How We Raise French Redleg Partridges

Partridge chicks like warmer temperatures and require brighter “A” and “B” room lighting than pheasants. We treat the chicks as if they are afraid of the dark. Lights are on 24 hours a day or else the chicks will pile up, leading to suffocation. Partridge chicks spend about four weeks in the “A” room and five weeks in the “B” room.

At 9 weeks, their feathering is good enough for outdoor pens. Once moved outside, they spook easily. We switch netting to a 1.5-inch weave at this point to prevent birds from escaping. Outdoor pens need 10 square feet per bird and huts or shelter of some kind.

We are pretty excited about increasing the space available to raise more of these exciting birds and meeting the demands of our customers!







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